Clothing customization options

If you’re looking to start a clothing line, it’s almost guaranteed that you will have some ideas about the kinds of garments you’re looking to produce. Usually they will be centred around your brand ethos or your target market, but you will certainly want to make the designs your own and instantly recognisable to your customers. We understand that individuality is at the centre of your brand, so the service we offer has been refined to ensure that small brands have access to the same level of customization as that of larger brands.


We offer a vast range of printing methods, from traditional techniques such as screen printing, to more modern methods like digital printing. There are many different printing methods available and if you’re unsure as to what would be suitable for your artwork or garments please do get in touch and we will be happy to advise.

Pantone colour matching

We source fabric in its raw, unwashed and uncoloured form which means that it can be dyed to match your exact requirements. At MANNIwe use the Pantone system, which is a standardised, code based system used in many industries. Using Pantone codes, we can control the exact measures of dye and achieve consistent, reliable colour matching.