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What made you decide to go with MANNI?

After months of research and contacting other manufacturers, we choose to work with MANNI.

They were the only company who were very responsive with my enquiries because they were able to provide the service I was after, compared to other manufactures with similar services but lacked a few features

Therefore MANNI stood out the most as I felt they could really bring my ideas to life with the quality I was looking for.

How does a company like MANNI help a fashion brand that are located abroad?

They provide useful tips and ideas which will lead to the business success whether its advice regarding the industry or product knowledge such as the most suitable material for my designs.

The support and engagement from MANNI is because they’ve been in the industry for a while and they have industry knowledge where they want to see you and your business succeed.

What made you choose to work with MANNI?

Initially what made me reach out to Manni was the quality of their website and the proof of work. Other manufacturers just didn’t give me any reason to trust them. 

Moving forward getting into contact with Donovan with my ideas and to see if it was going to be a good fit, gave me the full trust you look for with overseas manufacturers. 

That’s when I decided to start the production of samples to see how they could piece together my designs and once I received back the samples, I knew this would be the time to make the full investment after working together through all the design challenges. 

Everything was hitting the marks and the process just became streamlined from the initial sampling period.

How was your experience with MANNI?

MANNI gave us an advantage. I designed the first collection alongside MANNI and they helped create my vision from the samples I had sewn together.

They made it a streamlined process, and after sourcing and deciding on fabrics, I could dedicate my time to streamlining the website code and finishing the foundations of the business.

I’ve found that this was the only real way I could set the foundation too, I’m not sure if it would have really worked any other way.

Now that the foundation is so strong I feel confident in starting the next chapter and ready to take on the upcoming challenges alongside MANNI through our essential line.

How was your experience with MANNI?

My experience with MANNI has been a positive one overall.

I think what’s great is that the team there work with you, like an extension of your own team, and will do some ‘hand-holding’ if needed.

This is especially useful if you’re a startup and aren’t sure what to do.

They also worked with me to add some unconventional elements to my collection, and made useful suggestions along the way to benefit me and my company.

The quality of the clothing is really good too, which always helps!